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RITAR VRLA Battery manufacturer

RITAR POWER, the safe and intelligent power. Provide VRLA Batteries for for all kinds of industrial applications like Solar Systems, UPS, Telecom, Data Centers, Rail Transit, Motive Vehicles, and Forklifts etc.

Energy Storage Battery

Suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating applications

  • DG Series
    Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries
  • OPzV Series
    Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries
  • OPzS Series
    Flooded Tubular VRLA Batteries
  • DC Series
    AGM Deep Cycle VRLA Batteries
  • Lead Carbon
    Lead Carbon


Solar& Wind Energy, Telecommunication, UPS, Control Systems, etc

  • Solar Energy

  • Wind Energy

  • Control System

  • Telecom

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