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SM Series

SM series High Efficiency inverter integrated with MPPT charger



          SM Series Off-Grid Solar System

          (3-5KVA, Scalable to 30KVA)



Pure sine wave Output Inverter, 50/60Hz configurable

Built-In MPPT Solar charge (eff. 98.2%), save the investment in solar panel in harvesting PV Energy

● High Efficiency Inverter (up to 93%) to prolong long back up time

● AC or Solar input Priority Settable via LCD Screen

● Wider AC Input voltage range selectable for different applications, built-in 25A AC charger

● Advanced battery management(ABM) system inside to increase battery cycle life

● Able to switch on/off external AC generator depending on the level of battery

● Auto restart while AC is recovering

● Overload and short circuit protection






Typical application system connection




 SM Series Datasheet






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